Elegant Audio Systems

SeeHear provides music and video the way you want it. From invisible background music to perfectionist audio systems, we work with you to plan every aspect from project inception to close-out utilizing Project Management Institute style methodology to ensure the completed project is everything you imagined it would be.
We've been in this industry since the 80s; even then, we were known for leveraging technology to satisfy customers’ dreams. This means our systems fit your needs; we don't force you to fit the technology.
Whether you are an active professional whose media hub is her smartphone or a music and film connoisseur, we specialize in making your dream a reality!

This means we can build the system you want:

  • Send what’s playing on your iPhone to your house system? Check!
  • Play better than CD quality music anywhere in your home? Check!
  • Build a high performance audio system that blends in with your dĂ©cor and transports you to the performance? Check!
  • Convert your “TV room” into a legitimate home theater? Check!
  • Store all of your music, video, photos and other important data on an enterprise quality server that you can access from any of your connected devices? Check!